How long does an interior job typically take?

On average, an interior paint job will take 5 days. Some factors that could change that are square foot of the area being painted and special coats.

How long does an exterior job typically take?

On average, an exterior job will take 4 days. We offer many different types and colors of paints for the exterior of your home.

Do you remove wallpaper or do you paint over it?

Here at TRS Painting, we offer both options of removing wallpaper or painting over it. Removing the wallpaper is the best option in the long run for homeowners.

How should I prep a room for interior painting?

We don’t want you to lift a figure! Here is our process:

  • We cover hardwood floors with paper and carpet with plastic.
  • We mud at patch where needed.
  • Remove all of the fixings.
  • Do what we do best: Paint!

Does somebody have to be home while the painting is being done?

No one has to be home while we are hard at work.

How does the billing process work?

For projects over $5000 require 50% down in advance. The remaining will be due on completion. TRS accepts credit cards and checks.